Community Development

Davidson is open for business!

Davidson aspires to attract entrepreneurs and small businesses and is working diligently to create a supportive environment for business development. Those interested in exploring a business plan are encouraged to contact our Community Development Co-ordinator or the Mid Sask Community Futures office for information or assistance in getting started.

We have an excellent infrastructure including:

  • a reverse osmosis water treatment plant
  • high speed internet
  • financial and legal services
  • A labour pool providing ability, flexibility, and availability.

We are a friendly and supportive community.

Our town serves a population of 1,000 and services a trade area of 5,000.

Our location on the Louis Riel Trail (Highway #11), one of the busiest double lane highways in the province, is perfect for service oriented businesses.

Community Development Co-ordinator
Donna Bessey
Phone: (306) 567-5564        Cell:  (306) 567-7744



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