Davidson EMS

Davidson and Area Emergency Medical Services provide pre-hospital care to the communities of Davidson, Girvin, Craik, Aylesbury, Bladworth, Kenaston, Strongfield and Loreburn. We also service the rural municipalities of Arm River, Willner, Craik, Loreburn, McCraney, including portions of Wood Creek, Rosedale, Sarnia, and Huron. A portion of Danielson Provincial Park is also included in our service area.

Davidson EMS provides basic and advanced life support service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using two ambulance units.

The Heartland Regional Health Authority (HRHA) employs 1 full-time EMS coordinator and 7 casual staff. There are four Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and two Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-A) and are all registered with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. The EMS Coordinator works at the Davidson Health Centre and is part of the centre's health care team. EMS responds to an average of 250 calls per year.

EMS is dispatched by MD ambulance in Saskatoon through 9-1-1 using fleetnet portable radios. We also work very closely with the area First Responder teams located in the communities of Davidson, Kenaston, Craik, Strongfield, and Loreburn.

Contact Information:

Adrian Schmiedge, EMS Coordinator (EMT-A)
Administration: 306-567-2309; Fax: 306-567-2073

Davidson Fire and Rescue

The Davidson Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD) responds to fires and emergencies within the Town of Davidson, RM of Arm River, the RM of Willner, as well as a portion of Wood Creek. DVFD also provides mutual aid to the villages of Bladworth and Kenaston, the town of Craik, and the R.M.s of Craik and McCraney.

The fire department consists of the Fire Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 2 Captains and seventeen Firefighters. DVFD is dispatched by Prince Albert fire dispatch through 9-1-1 using fleetnet portable radios and pagers. A number of our firefighters are cross-trained to provide emergency medical care. The department responds to an average of 50 calls per year.

DVFD is well equipped for many emergency situations. The fire department responds to many motor vehicle accidents since the Town is located in one of the major highways in Saskatchewan. They are also called upon to set up emergency temporary landing zones to assist STARS when responding to an emergency in the area.

Apparatus include:

  • Engine 482J (1993 Pierce Custom Chassis): 1050 gpm with 1000 gallons of water and holds a crew of 5.
  • Engine481J (1986 Ford F600): 625 gpm with 750 gallons of water.
  • Rescue 481J (2006 F550 Extended Cab): this truck is the First Response truck which carries a crew of 5, contains rescue equipment such as jaws, rams, cutters, airbags, thermal imaging camera, etc. It also has firefighting capabilities with 400 gallons of water with a high pressure foam system.
  • Tanker 481J (2007 GMC C7500): holds a crew of 5, 1900 gallons of water with portable pumps, 10 inch quick dump valve and 2000 gallon port-a-tank.
  • Tanker 482 (1968 F600): 1500 gallons of water.

Firefighters hold training sessions most Wednesdays from 7p.m. – 10p.m. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call the number below.

Contact Information:

Fire Chief: Clayton Schilling 306-561-7957
Fire Hall Administration: 306-567-3239; Fax: 306-567-4730
EMO Coordinator: Trish Schilling 306-561-7064

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The Town of Davidson is served by the Craik RCMP detachment. Craik is 27 km south of Davidson. When fully staffed there is one NCO, four regular members and one office staff. 

Contact Information:

NCO:  Sergeant Greg Doell
Craik Detachment
Complaints: 306-734-5200
Administration: 306-734-5200



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